Theo Verpillat

About Me

About Me

Theo Verpillat


I'm Théo Verpillat, a 21 years old Game Design Student at CNAM-Enjmin,.

I'm someone who likes designing games and experiment multiple things in the game conception. My main role is Game Designer, but there's some projects where I tried things like Music Production, Sound Design, Graphic Design or Programming.

You can email me at contact {at} or reach me through LinkedIn.




Personal Projects

No Vacancy

Heaven is running out of space!
You play as God and your Job is to corrupt every good human left on Earth to keep them from accessing Heaven.


Lines is a 6-levels-long puzzle game made with Unity.
Your objective is to guide a ball to the end of the level drawing lines with your mouse.

Au Fil Des Vents

Take a few minutes to witness and share the journey of a tiny yet adorable hero, here to overcome the pouring rain falling from up high.

Student Projects


Belly is an organic and dark Shoot Them Up (SHMUP) experience with a complex audio identity. You control a creature in gestation who faces several waves of monsters. Be ready to survive as long as you can!

C.A.L.O.R.I.E.S. 9000

An old chief organizes a contest to find out who will be the new boss of cat's burger restaurant. To win, you'll have to cook a burger over 9000 kcal!



An Instagram Project were I did one creation per day during a year.


A short illustration project on Behance (Work In Progress).


A short illustration project on Behance about identity and violence (Work In Progress).